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The trading on public Market aims to be 2023-2024.


CSR Investments AB (publ) – Additional documents

Here are CSR Invest and its top list that it plans to list:

IDCompany nameInvestment SectorSDGCountryEntryContact E-mail
1Module BuildingTechnologyG 9: Industry, Innovation, & InfrastructureUK, USA2022invest@modularbuilding.se
2CSR WarehouseTransport and logisticsG 9: Industry, Innovation, & InfrastructureSweden2021invest@warehousecsr.com
3Bedbug Solution ServicesG 3: Good HealthUK, Sweden2022invest@bedbugsolution.se
4Insect Solution ServicesG 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesUK, Sweden2022invest@insectsolutions.se

§ Share price on 2022-05-31

Share Price Ownership

The top list of ownership in CSR Investments AB (publ)

Ownership listA-shareB-shareTotal share numberCapital, %Roster, %Share priceValuation, kr
Linda Gustafsson20,000,00040,000,00060,000,00030 %63.16 %201,200,000,000
CSR Capital Sverige AB102,000,000102,000,00051 %26.84 %202,040,000,000
CSR Fonder Sverige AB5,000,0005,000,0002.5 %1.32 %20100,000,000
Idébanken Invest Online Sverige AB13,000,00013,000,0006.5 %3.42 %20260,000,000
Other investors20,000,00020,000,00010 %5.26 %20400,000,000
Date: 2022-August-31-
Source: Euroclear-
Total20000000180000000200,000,000100 %100%204,000,000,000
A-share in thousands2000000010200,000,000
B-share in thousands1800000001180,000,000
Roster, st380,000,000

§ Information up till 2022-07-01

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