CSR Invest employs a long-established strategy of sector-focused investing across all of our markets.

Long-term vision and strategic planning

CSR Invest provides our partner companies with a long-term perspective and the conditions to achieve sustainable value. As owner CSR Invest is convinced that the responsible conduct of the company is one of the most important factors for a business to gain a long-term foothold in the market.

Current Investments & Divestments

Other Investment (listed companies)

CSR Invest is actively involved in business cooperation with some listed companies, helping them expand their business, or involving their business. In the case of mutual understanding, we also invest in each other in the process of cooperation.

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CSR Investment Sweden underway to public Company

The companies which is underway and likely to go public. These companies are market-competitive, have high return on investment (ROI) , and are resistant to risks. CSR Invest involved to assist these companies to raise capital from the marketplace.

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CSR Invest Sweden growth company

Growth companies has experienced the start-up stage and has a relatively mature entrepreneurial idea, which proves that it has development potential, and the product has certain competitiveness and demand, but the cost of growth is high, and the lack of resources to maintain successful growth will also occur. Companies that run out of financing channels may be on the verge of death. There is potential for higher investment growth in these companies, and csr has an operational and serious team to help these companies stand out from the competition.

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