About Us

Our History

A History Of Growth And Innovation

Now to be listed

Today, CSR Invest as a investment company plan to list itself in public trading market. It keeps serve as a spokesman for funds and their share holders before policymakers, opinion leaders and the global media. The company have 45 employees and consultants, and currently invests in 65 listed, underway, or growth companies to explor the makrkets in Sweden, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Lusembourg, China, USA and UAE.

Worldwide business development

CSR Invest will further develop local businesses, establish offices around the world and deepen local economic research, and establish strategic partnerships with local enterprises.

Established to become the Investment Expert

CSR Invest had invested a few companies within different professions including investment digital platforms.

Investments and service for companies' grow

The year that underwriters and advisers of mutual funds became eligible for membership. CSR Invest objectives are essential organizing principles for the many and varied activities in which the company participates.

Company started

CSR Invest was founded in 13th September, 2019 by Linda Gustafsson in a true entrepreneurial spirit. The company was started to invest in companies with different aspect that can contribute to a sustainable business and society.

Vision and Goal

Our vision is to become one of the leading invest companies with focus on renewable energy, medical care and real estate companies.

Our goal is to strengthen our position in the Swedish market by collaborating with several companies and contribute to the development of our partners. We will not process the market separately, but will instead work together to gain market share.

Our Bussiness Concept

We are active investors, developing deep industry experience and working to support our portfolio companies at the board level and beyond. We focus on high-growth, technology-based businesses that benefit from network effects. Because these industries have high barriers to entry, we can see long-term returns.
Here are our 3 priorities in our investment aspects:
1.  Healthcare Industry: Health care services and facilities; Medical device supplies for individual and hospital.
2.  Real Estate: Smart Office and Home; Digital Platform for Real Estate; Modular Construction & Warehouse Solutions.
3.  Energy Industry & Consumer goods: Green hydrogen; Renewable energy technology; Telecom Retail and distribution.