Management Team2


The investor relations team at CSR Investments AB (publ) maintains close relationships with partners with regular conference calls and meetings to provide an update on the performance of our current portfolio companies with CSR Investments, new investments and exits in the funds.


Linda Gustafsson
Group CEO



Simon Gustafsson
HR, Sweden


Alex Malmberg
Project Underway Company


Daniel Smirnov
Project Growth Company


Colin Gustafsson
Project Listed Company


Tim Majors
Investment Manager, USA Partner


Daniele Martinotti
Investment Manager, Italy Partner


Guangbiao Zhang
Investment Manager, Ireland Partner


William Gustafsson
Investment Manager, China Partner


Clement Nkamanyi
Investment Manager, Cameroon Partner


Sheikha Jawaher Khalifa
Investment Manager, UAE Partner


Chabdeltsang Chönden
Investment Manager, Switzerland Partner


Eileen Shao Gu
Investment Manager, UK Partner